Nike challenges viewers to #RiskEverything on Vine

Nike Football kicks off the World Cup as Marketing, with the help of social video experts Unruly, rounds up this week's must-watch branded Vines.

Part of its #RiskEverything campaign, which featured this hilarious five-minute cartoon, Nike is challenging people to better freestyle footballers Sean Garnier and the SkillTwins in two Vines this week.

The SkillTwins Vine from Nike is almost hypnotic and, apart from a slight break in the video's loop, is almost seamless.

Away from the World Cup, ESPN published a Vine showing famed stunt driver Ken Block performing 'donuts' around a huge replica donut to celebrate World Donut Day.

Leaving the world of sport, Vine creator Frank Danna has created this stop-motion inspiration for Starbucks.