Nike teams up with Ministry of Sound for video-streaming ads

Nike is to be the first advertiser to use a video streaming ad service from clubbing brand Ministry of Sound.

The sportswear giant is to run a 60-second video ad for its Presto sports fashion brand within Ministry of Sound's video-streaming services as part of a campaign launching this week.

Users clicking onto any of the site's own streamed video interviews, live gigs or pop promos ( will see the Nike ad slot before the main feature.

Once the ad has played, Nike branding will be shown within a banner under the main video window. The format is intended as a branding vehicle, not to directly drive sales.

The launch of the ad slot follows trials which saw Ministry stream ads for its own albums. The site serves 200,000 video streams a month, according to the company.

Matthew Dicks, head of digital sales at Ministry of Sound, said it is in discussions with four other advertisers. "We're pushing this at sexy brands that see the benefit of TV advertising or ads that might have been ban-ned by broadcasting standards."

Ministry of Sound has also added a 'try before you buy' games service to its 10-month-old gaming channel following a deal with software compression firm Softwrap.

Users will be able to download games such as Safari Biathlon Racer and Super Bubble Pop and play them for a limited period before being asked whether they wish to purchase.