Nike unveils campaign to celebrate female athletes

LONDON - Nike is celebrating female athletes with a campaign entitled "Here I am", following the personal journeys of sporting women through a book, exhibition, plus print and film ads.

View all five of the new ads here:
Nike 'here i am' by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

The films, created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, use a variety of animation styles, from CGI to sketched animations, to showcase the inner strengths of various female athletes.

The stories include that of a triathlete who thrives in apocalyptic weather conditions, a triple jumper who found her strength in what she thought was her greatest weakness and a 400-metre sprinter whose animated body parts engage in a struggle between mind and body.

The films will be launching on a dedicated website on 12 September.


Here I am
Enrico Balleri, brand communication manager; Paolo Tubito, associate marketing director; Adam Collins, brand communications manager; Marcella Fauci, advertising and content manager, Caroline Bleeker, digital brand manager, Nike EMEA
Inspire young women by showing that girls who have sport in their lives also have greater self-confidence
Creative agency
Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Betsy Decker
Art director
Anders Stake
Jenny Howard
Production company
Paranoid, Stink Digital
Adam Marko-Nord, Nieto, Edouard Salier, Sophie Gateau