Nikon releases first TV ad for five years

LONDON - Doner Cardwell Hawkins has produced a new TV campaign for Nikon Coolpix, featuring a head-spinning fairground ride.

The 30-second spot was directed by Phil Taylor, working for the production company Loki, and is Nikon’s first TV ad for five years.

The ad used time-lapse sequences shot with a Nikon D3 stills camera, as well as fibre-optic lenses that probe inside the Coolpix.

The ad broke on all major terrestrial, satellite and cable channels last week.


Product Nikon Coolpix
Title A Lot Happens
Agency Doner Cardwell Hawkins
Agency producer David Shute
Creative team Nick Scott, Paul Cardwell?
Producer Bob Ford
Director Phil Taylor
DP Jim Henry
Offline Rob Featherstone at Loki
Finishing Pete Smith at Absolute
Post?Telecine Adrian Seery
Rushes Audio Bent Ear