Nina Jasinski takes new role at Cossette

LONDON - Nina Jasinski, the former group marketing director at Leo Burnett and Arc, has joined Cossette Communication Group UK as its marketing director.

Jasinski...role across group
Jasinski...role across group
Jasinski will spend half her time working on marketing for Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy and Elvis, with the rest spent co-ordinating marketing across the UK group, which also includes Dare, Band & Brown and Identica.

In her group role, Jasinski will attempt to improve the profile of the Cossette UK group and identify group-wide new-business opportunities.

She will report jointly to Helen Calcraft, the chief executive of MCBD, and Gregor Angus, Cossette’s executive vice-president.

Jasinski said she hopes to “harness the potential” that has not yet been tapped into across all of the businesses in the group.

Calcraft added: “Increasingly, clients want to know a business’ capabilities to work flexibly across a range of disciplines.”

Jasinski joined Leo Burnett and Arc last year, and before that worked in similar roles at Partners Andrews Aldridge and Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.