Nissan launches social media iPhone app for skiers

LONDON - Nissan Europe has launched a branded iPhone app for skiers to help improve their experiences on the slopes.

Download: Nissan's branded iPhone app for skiers
Download: Nissan's branded iPhone app for skiers

The iPhone app, called PROVE IT, aims to create a live community that allows users to access a guide to their ski resort, record videos of their ski sessions and upload them to Facebook, and track where their friends are on slopes.

The app offers interactive 3D maps of 45 European resorts, including Chamonix, Mayrhofen and Tignes, that users can access to help them plan their next run.

There is also an option for users to record their latest run, and then use the data to help them work out the speed of their descent.

The app was created by Phonevalley, the Publicis-owned mobile marketing agency, and is supported by a microsite where users can upload pictures of themselves on the slopes, for a chance to win a Nissan Qashqai.

Nissan has enjoyed a long-standing association with winter sports and is the main sponsor of the Winter Outdoor Games, which take place in Chamonix later this month.