Nissan uses Facebook data to personalise test drive

Nissan has launched a digital campaign to promote the release of its Note car, in the form of a virtual test drive video, which is personalised using people's Facebook profile and photographs.

The campaign, created by TBWA, is hosted on a special website and allows people to either personalise the story to themselves, or personalise it using a friend’s Facebook profile before sending it on to them.

The film shows a runaway groom jumping into the car while the user is taking it on a test drive. The dialogue of the film is modified based on the person’s gender, photos, name and relationship status.

As angry members of the wedding party follow the car, the driver makes use of the its range of safety features during a high-speed chase, including warnings when there is someone in the car’s blind spot and when the car moves into a different lane.

The art directors were Kiminori Suzuki and Marianne Fonferrier, while Ela Tengirsek and Antoine Colin wrote the ad. The director was Luc Schurgers of Minivegas.

At TBWA, the pan-European executive creative director is Rudi Anggono and the digital creative director is Franck Botbol.

The campaign uses the Facebook Connect tool to take information from users' profiles, but can also be personalised by entering a name and gender.