No More Foundation "Covid-19" by MRM McCann

The No More Foundation's powerful public-service announcement raises awareness of another epidemic happening alongside coronavirus: the spike in domestic violence.

The film opens on a quiet scene of a man washing his hands, visible at a distance through his window. But what at first appears to be a vision of social distancing and safety to prevent the spread of Covid-19 takes a chilling turn. As the camera zooms in, it reveals the legs of a woman whom the man has just beaten. The message is that domestic violence is an epidemic that we cannot wash our hands of, and it urges people who are safe at home to get help when they hear or observe violence next door. It was created by James Thorley and Jon Wells, and directed by Calum Macdiarmid through Great Guns. 

Domestic abuse has risen dramatically around the world since Covid-19 lockdowns began. At least 15 million additional cases of domestic violence are predicted to occur globally this year as a result of pandemic restrictions, representing a 20% increase, according to new data from the United Nations Population Fund.