Nokia "Be the gift: Chinese New Year" by Mother Shanghai

Families around the world will celebrate Chinese New Year this month, but many people will have to work through the holidays.

Nokia sheds light on this reality for modern Chinese families and reminds people that the most important gift you can give is time, in the brand’s first major campaign since re-launching in China. The ad tells the story of a young actor starring in a period drama who has to shoot a gruelling war scene through the Chinese New Year holidays, taking him away from his mother. After finding he left his favourite winter coat at home, the mother surprises him on set with the coat and a home-cooked meal. The spot promotes the Nokia 6 with dual-sight camera mode, which helps the son and his mother stay in touch through video calls. It was created by Mother Shanghai and will roll out in China as well as Asia-Pacific markets including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.