Nokia unveils headset design winners

LONDON - Wieden & Kennedy has revealed the winners of its Nokia Music Almighty Headset Design Competition.

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The competition, which launched last year, asked people from around the world to design a Nokia Bluetooth headset inspired by their favourite piece of music.

Over a period of three months, Nokia received 7,380 entries from across the globe, from both novices and professional designers.

The winning designs were made into a set of headphones that the winners could then keep.

Each winning headset will be displayed at the agency's London offices before being exhibited at Nokia's flagship store on Regent Street.

For full details of the winners and their musical inspiration, see below.

CF Flex - made by Mr G
Inspired by Rufige Kru
Inspirational track - Dark Metal

Robot Rock - made by G Smith
Inspired by Daft Punk
Inspirational track - Robot Rock

Graveyard Shift - made by Johnny Lighthands
Inspired by Michael Jackson
Inspirational track - Thriller

I'm Flying - made by Rodshakur
Inspired by R Kelly
Inspirational track - I Believe I Can Fly

Free Willy - made by Maria Ceconda
Inspired by Michael Jackson
Inspirational track - Will You Be There