North-South divide superficial according to Equifax

LONDON – Contradicting theories of a North-South divide, Equifax has found that credit scores between Northern and Southern towns and counties are virtually equal.

More surprisingly the biggest proportion of high credit scores are in the North, Scotland, Wales and The Midlands.

MyEquifax, Equifax's online credit information service, analysed the credit scores of the UK population by town and county. In the top 50, there are 27 Northern, Scottish, Welsh and Midlands towns reporting a high proportion of high credit scores. This includes the top scorer, North Ferriby in North Humberside, Kenilworth in Warwickshire and Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

There are 23 Southern towns reporting high credit scores including Broadstone in Dorset, Harpenden in Hertfordshire, Ashtead in Surrey and Upminster in Essex.

When it comes to low scoring towns, the South surprisingly has a higher proportion of low credit scorers, with 27 Southern towns falling into this category. This includes Greater London areas Mitcham, Thornton Heath, Northolt and Brentford.

Northern, Scottish, Welsh and the Midlands had 23 lowest scoring towns with 10 towns in rural parts of Scotland recording low credit scores.

Michael Shannon, managing director of Equifax said: "What it shows is that the famous North-South divide is not actually biased towards the South in any way that many believe it has been."

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