NRS data shows Evening Standard losing out to the Metro

LONDON - The Evening Standard has continued to shed readers, according to the latest National Readership Survey figures, which post a 16% year-on-year loss for the daily paper in the first quarter of 2007.

In contrast, readership of the Metro, the morning freesheet also published by Associated, has rocketed by 25% to 2.4 million, compared to the Standard's 662,000.

The Standard has is looking for a creative agency to head up an advertising push to reverse the fortune's of the declining paper, which has also been hit by the two evening freesheets, thelondonpaper and Associated's own London Lite.

The NRS's quarterly figures show some drops in the the women's weekly market, with IPC Media's Woman and Woman's Own both losing 15% of their readers, taking them to 913,000 and 1.2 million respectively.