Ntl promotes music TV offering through mailing from Rapier

Rapier has created a humorous direct mail campaign for ntl to offer

enhanced music television services.

The mailing, for ntl:digitalplus, tempts music lovers to switch to an

improved digitalplus service offering four more channels: MTV Base, MTV

Hits, MTV2 and VH-1 Classic.

The agency has included four earplugs in the mailpack. The mailing uses

the line "Four extra music channels for you, and something for the

neighbours", with the idea that the increased use of music channels will

result in higher noise levels.

The mailing includes a free call number to encourage consumers to phone

up and change to digitalplus. The campaign coincides with the news that

ntl has signed one million consumers to its digital services despite

tough conditions in the cable market.

Jane Lockyer, the head of customer marketing at ntl, said: "This

initiative illustrates ntl's commitment to ensuring our customers get

the best possible value for money."

John Townshend, Rapier's creative director, said: "Because the target

market in this instance was clear, music fans already conversant of the

digital product, we were able to go to the next level and have a bit of

fun with the campaign."

The campaign was art directed by Simon Stephenson and written by Matt