Nuns to star in Magic FM poster campaign

Mother has unveiled its new poster work for Emap's Magic FM radio


The campaign follows on from the long-running strategy that Magic makes

you feel good, and continues the theme "As if by Magic".

It features two nuns whose lives have been given an injection of


The first execution features both nuns playing air guitar up in the


A second ad sees them riding tandem across a spring meadow.

Stephen Palmer, the marketing director at Emap Performance, said: "The

last few years have seen Magic grow from strength to strength. It is the

number two commercial station in London in terms of market share. We are

hoping this campaign will further extend the station's reach and bring a

little more Magic into people's lives."

Mother's Andy Bellass added: "Magic is an active celebration of feeling

good, and the latest Rajar is a testament to its success. This work is a

simple reflection of how the channel makes you feel and will hopefully

drive more people to the station."

The 48-sheet poster campaign will run throughout London. It will be

supported by guerrilla activity over the next few weeks.

The campaign was written and art directed by Mother. It was shot by

Justin Mullins through Orang-Utan. Media planning and buying is through


The last campaign from Mother for the brand featured Magic land, a place

where babies with long flowing locks frollicked alongside dogs in

bikinis and kittens with mermaid tails.