Nutella swaps syrup for choc spread for Pancake Day

Chocolate spread promoted as alternative pancake topping.

Nutella: shop aims to inspire different breakfast habits
Nutella: shop aims to inspire different breakfast habits

Nutella is opening a family-friendly "Syrup swap shop" in New York as part of its Pancake Day celebrations.

At the pop-up, open from 9am to 4pm on 29 February, Nutella will be the only product on sale and can only be purchased in exchange for syrup. Consumers are encouraged to "think outside of the bottle".

Visitors can bring a bottle of syrup (opened or unopened) to Grand Central station's Vanderbilt Hall shop to receive pancakes topped with the hazelnut spread and a 13-ounce jar of Nutella while stocks last.

Families are also being encouraged to make shareable "Nutella creations" with recipes available on the brand's website. A feature on Amazon's Alexa gives consumers access to a variety of Nutella recipes, including pancakes and waffles, as well as four interactive family-friendly games.

Todd Midura, vice-president of marketing at parent company Ferrero North America, said: "This Pancake Tuesday, we're encouraging families to participate in these activations that bring to life the joy of special breakfasts and we hope Nutella plays even a small role in helping them create memories that will last for a lifetime."

Terri & Sandy is delivering the project.