O&M launches Sportka with 'evil twin' press and poster campaign

Ford launches its Sportka this week through a poster and press campaign by Ogilvy & Mather.

The creative work aims to establish Sportka as the Ka's "evil twin" because of its enhanced engine power and performance.

Male buyers are the primary target for the campaign that will run in leading car magazines including Top Gear, Auto Car and Auto Express, alongside the October issues of the men's lifestyle titles Mixmag, The Face and Arena.

The original Ka is driven predominantly by women, but by positioning the Sportka as having been separated at birth from its sibling, Ford hopes to convince the male market.

Boris Vallejo, a Peruvian artist known for his fantasy and erotic art, was commissioned to produce the illustration that captures images of heaven and hell.

Media buying and planning for the campaign was through MindShare.

The 48- and 96- sheet poster sites will appear nationwide with a number of Golden Square positions.

The work will be supported by a short viral film that continues the "evil twin" theme.

Michael Crowe was the copywriter for the campaign, which was art directed by Rob Messeter. Production was through TAG@Ogilvy.

Brendan Lyne, the brand manager for small cars at Ford, said: "Sportka has been recognised as an exciting new entrant in the warm hatch sector, which traditionally attracts mostly male buyers.

"The 'evil twin' strategy appeals directly to this audience using a degree of subtle humour, while avoiding the cliches of the boy-racer mentality."