O&M unveils standalone agency

LONDON - Ogilvy & Mather has announced the finalised version of its standalone ad agency, provisionally known as Adworks.

The new agency funded by O&M will be called English. Taking its name from the phrase "talking plain English", it intends to simplify the campaign process.

English will be launched by four ex-Ogilvy staff. Richard Howarth and Magnus Djaba will be in charge of account planning and handling. Lawrence Seftel and Gary Anderson are the creative team. Seftel has three Cannes gold lions to his name.

English aims to entice clients with budgets up of £2m. The agency plans to offer a commoditised approach to building ad campaigns and will charge the client according to a menu. Each service on the menu comes at a set price.

For example, to work on one TV ad with a turnaround of two weeks will cost £15,000. The agency will operate at lower costs than a larger agency mainly because of the hours billed should be considerably less.

Paul Simons, chairman and CEO of O&M, said the agency will help O&M deal with conflicts. "We are going to experiment with having a lean unit plugging in to the huge resource of Ogilvy locally and globally. If it works we may do it again."

Among other clients, while at O&M both Djaba and Howarth have worked on Physio Sport. Seftel and Anderson have worked on The Samaritans and BP while at O&M.