O2 contract was gained on merit

Gerry Boyle, managing director, ZenithOptimedia

I was interested in your piece on “pioneering PHD” in last week’s Media Week. (Can pioneering PHD get itself back on the right road again? page 18, 1 June). I was particularly captivated by Mark Holden’s A-Z of excuses for losing business. If this is the new kind of creativity we can expect from those pioneers at PHD, I’ll be watching developments with interest.

I’d like, however, to set the record straight on one of those excuses regarding PHD’s loss of the planning business on O2.

O2 awarded its full-service business to ZenithOptimedia after a prolonged five-month pitch process involving seven agencies. This was not because we “decided to do the planning or buying for free”, but because we offered the single best solution to O2’s brief for the “freshest media thinking”.

After a complex procurement negotiation, we know for a fact that we did not offer the cheapest remuneration deal.

What we are also aware of is that we are absolutely delighted to be applying our creative thinking skills not only O2, but to all of our clients’ business, rather than inventing imaginative excuses for losing them.