O2's best ads as 'Be more dog' campaign ends

O2's long-running "Be more dog" campaign is coming to an end. Campaign take a look at some of the best ads, created by VCCP, from the last three years.

O2's best ads as 'Be more dog' campaign ends

"Be more dog" is about to be "no more dog" after O2 decided to end the campaign, launched in 2013.

This magazine chose "be more dog" as its top ad campaign of 2013 after it not only gave the mobile network brand a personality, but also a wider sense of purpose and philosophy that could be applied to all its marketing communications.

"Be more dog" (campaign launch, 2013)

"Speed to refresh" (2013)

"Be more dog this Christmas" (2013)

"Life coach" (2014)

"Half the bill, double the moves" (2015)

"Be more dog into space" (2015)