Ofcom bans Nestle credits for GMTV weather

LONDON - GMTV has been censured by Ofcom for allowing promotional material to appear in Nestle cereals' sponsor credits for its weather forecasts.

Nestle...GMTV sponsorship broke Ofcom rules
Nestle...GMTV sponsorship broke Ofcom rules

The credits included the claim: "Helping you get the three servings of wholegrain you need every day."

Ofcom today said that this breached rules which ban promotional descriptions of sponsors' business.

It said: "Ofcom judged the statement...was a specific promotional claim about the nutritional benefits of the sponsor's products and one that would require substantiation. 

"Its clear function within the credits was to advertise the sponsor's products and its inclusion was therefore unacceptable."

GMTV said that, as a result of the complaint, it ceased transmission of the credits and would not air them again.

Earlier this year, a separate ad for Nestle cereals was banned by the ASA, after it ruled that the three-a-day claim was misleading.