Ofcom fights back against David Cameron

LONDON - Ofcom , which is among the quangos recently criticised by the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, has hit back against his claims, insisting it provides good value for money.

Cameron... Ofcom fights back
Cameron... Ofcom fights back

The regulator was singled out by the Tory leader as the starting point for his planned cuts to the number of quangos should he come to power.

During a speech to the Reform thinktank yesterday, Cameron claimed that under a Conservative government, "Ofcom as we know it will cease to exist".

His inflamatory rhetoric prompted Ofcom to respond, citing the fact that it was formed out of a merger of five different media and telecoms regulators. It said this was evidence that its existence represents a move away from quangos.

The regulator, speaking to The Guardian, highlighted its reduced headcount and saving of £117 million over the past five years in a bid to reassert its value to the media and advertising sectors.

Meanwhile, Ben Bradshaw, the culture secretary, also criticised Cameron’s plans, claiming that he misunderstood Ofcom's role.