Ogilvy & Mather creates respect theme for Ford Fusion print ads

Ogilvy & Mather has unveiled a press and outdoor campaign for Ford built around the idea that fellow road-users instinctively adapt their behaviour when in the commanding presence of the Fusion Plus.

The aim of the advertising is to capture the notion that despite its lack of size, the compact Fusion is a vehicle that demands respect.

Each of the three versions features a stereotypically aggressive driver uncharacteristically apologising for their behaviour.

One ad pictures a typical white van driver who unexpectedly says: "After you, mate." In another we see a bike courier who declares: "Sorry, my fault."

Finally, a London cabbie shows his regard for the car. All three ads carry the endline: "Ford Fusion. The small car that commands respect."

The campaign, which breaks on Monday, builds on last year's launch of the Ford Fusion. It will feature press and outdoor elements along with two radio ads.

All three versions of the ad will run in various outdoor and press formats including building wraps, six-sheet and 48-sheet posters and Underground cross-tracks.

National newspapers will carry single-page versions of the ads with double-page versions scheduled to appear in magazines.

The campaign was written by Dale Winton and art directed by Hamish Pinnell with photography by Seamus Ryan.

MindShare is handling the media planning and buying.

Brendan Lyne, Ford's small car brand manager in Britain, said: "These ads accurately reflect the spirit of the car.

"We have all experienced situations with the kind of drivers portrayed so they ring true to life while retaining an element of humour."