OgilvyOne creates animated ad for Amex

LONDON - OgilvyOne's new ad for American Express challenges consumers to think of the gifts they would buy themselves if they had a bit more money to play with.

The ad highlights this by creating desirable gifts, such as a drum kit or a digital camera, out of plasticine.

A tasty lobster meal and a trip on a rollercoaster are also formed.

Throughout the 30-second spot, the colourful plasticine moves animatedly from one object to the next, whilst the voiceover states that because of American Express' five per cent offer, consumers will have more money left over "to turn in to what you want".


Project name
Modelling Clay
American Express
Creative agency
OgilvyOne London
James Sexton
Art director
Libby Young
Media agency
Production company
Not To Scale
Not To Scale
Audio post-production
Hear No Evil
National TV