OgilvyOne's Brian Fetherstonhaugh on disruption and data

The global chief executive and chairman of OgilvyOne, Brian Fetherstonhaugh, was recently in Singapore to take part in an event centred on delivering value to consumers in an era of disruption.

In this video Fetherstonhaugh talks to Campaign Asia-Pacific about brands adjusting to disruption, leveraging data 'body language' and the rise of Asian brands. He also shares a story about one of his more memorable boardroom meetings.

Q&A breakdown

  • 0:08 Question 1: Is disruption causing a crisis for brands?
  • 0:33 Question 2: So how are brands fighting back?
  • 1:08 Question 3: What is "data body language"?
  • 3:07 Question 4: Will Asian brands one day rule the world?
  • 4:12 Question 5: Got a funny anecdote?

This article was first published on campaignasia.com.