Old Spice 'engine' by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

Old Spice is the name sponsor of a unique endurance event in Africa, an expedition from Cape Town to Alexandria by various athletic activities such as hiking, running, trekking, mountain biking and canoeing. The event takes place from March to August 2007 over 150 days and stretching 11,340 km.

The aim of this sponsorship is to replace the Fresh product series with the launch of a new series of Old Spice products under the name Kilimanjaro.

Our experienced "Old Spice Man" is taking a part in the Experienced Man Challenge in Africa. All three spots present different challenges such as parking a camel, starting an outboard engine and passing through a locked door. Each time our hero wins -- using his wisdom and experience rather than physical power.

The spots demonstrate, without following category cliches, how Old Spice gives the experienced man stronger protection, even in the ultimate challenge.