Old Spice "For these drying times" by Wieden & Kennedy Portland

This is an odd one. It's the End of Days for the folks in the pit whose livelihoods rely on the moisture and sweat that has run dry since Old Spice dried up the fields.

Set in the arid wasteland of one man's armpit, the two ads in the series document the struggles of the people who call it home. In "Lean times" there isn't even enough sweat to grow the potatoes, but at least this hard-working couple have each other. Or do they?

In "Radio daze", one man is driven half mad by the continuing drought and makes up his mind to do something about it, a decision he quickly comes to regret.

The two ads are running online in the US and Canada and continue the brand's infatuation with the bizarre, as seen in last year's mind-boggling "Horrifying mutant nightmare abomination (remix)", as well as the hugely popular "The man your man can small like", also by W&K Portland.


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