Old Spice introduces Italian hunk Fabio

Old Spice has bought in a new Old Spice Italian hunk, Fabio, in a series of viral ads.

Fabio: becomes the New Old Spice Guy
Fabio: becomes the New Old Spice Guy

The Italian model and actor appears on the YouTube channel, New Old Spice Guy Fabio.

One of the online ads feature the Italian lothario rolling awkwardly on the top of a grand piano asking women if they like new Old Spice.

Another ad shows Fabio looking through a telescope in the jungle with comical wind blowing through his ever growing hair.




The ads created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, are expected to launch on TV. However, Fabio is not expected to replace Old Spice's original hunk Isaiah Mustafa.

Mustafa appeared in the last Old Spice for its new scent Danger Zone, which launched in April. The ad featured 'Danger Zone Man' as he suavely makes his way through jungle challenges, which increases in their level of risk and bodily harm.

Last month Wieden+Kennedy Portland swept the board at the D&AD awards, receiving a total of nine awards for its Old Spice 'The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign. The Old Spice work picked up two Black Pencils, one in the TV Commercial Campaign category and another in the 'TV commercials 21- to 40-seconds' category.

Fabio also appeared in a 1996 'I Can't Believe it's not Butter' ad by McCann Erickson New York.