Old Spice introduces Sea Captain to 'smell better' activity

Old Spice is adding a sea captain to its stable of characters, in its latest ad campaign for the new Red Zone range.

The 'Sea Captain' by Wieden+Kennedy Portland will launch in the US on TV tonight (9 September) during the NFL season opening game. It will be followed by an ad entitled, 'Jet', which will air next Saturday.

The campaign will also include Facebook and YouTube activity and forms part of the brand's 'Smell Better Than Yourself' campaign, featuring NFL hunk, Isaiah Mustafa.

'Sea Captain' features an average man who smells like a well-decorated ship captain with rippled abs who is shown constantly battling a sea monster.

'Jet' also showcases an ordinary guy. In this version he smells like a rich billionaire jet pilot delivering a flawless presentation in a boardroom.

In addition to the two 30-second and two 15-second television spots, humorous print ads will also run to illustrate the dramatic "transformational" powers of Old Spice's versatile Red Zone scent line-up.

Allison Bolyard, brand manager at Old Spice, said: "Scent plays a significant role in how guys view themselves and also how others perceive them, and the new 'Smell Better Than Yourself' campaign brings this reality to life in an entertaining way.

Old Spice has a variety of different scents that allow a guy to choose the scent that is right for him."

In July Mustafa won a light hearted duel against model Fabio to keep his position as the Old Spice mascot.