'Older', 'Richer' and 'Wiser'

What does it mean to be older, richer and wiser? As a growing and vital part of the population, the over-50s are not easily pigeon-holed by age - and to do so can leave the marketing community at a distinct disadvantage. This was the problem a panel of over 50s at Marketing's annual Connect conference tackled last month.

Insight consultancy Firefish spend a lot of time talking to and making sense of different audience segments and age groups. At Connect they specifically considered those at either end of the age spectrum; looking at people over the age of 50 with a specific interest on the media that they consume and what they see as influential in their lives.

During the course of the work leading up to the session, it became obvious that they are not most usefully thought of in terms of their age, and that influence comes from diverse and sometimes unexpected places.
As well as bringing to life the session and the work that fed into it, this film also offers advice to marketers who seek to engage this interesting and increasingly important part of the population.