OMD restructures planning operation

OMD is launching a new planning positioning called Influence, which will be rolled out across its UK agencies before a global launch.

As part of the move, OMD will invest in a quantitative research study with 10,000 consumers to help its planners create media strategies based around consumer behaviour rather than around media channels.

The agency has created the new positioning as it looks to spread its work for clients across a broader range of traditional and non-traditional media channels. Understanding consumer behaviour patterns in the build-up to purchase is central to the new approach.

The Influence positioning will be adopted by OMD UK and Manning Gottlieb OMD, with Toby Roberts, OMD UK's head of strategy, and Jon Gittings, the executive director at MG OMD, responsible for its implementation.

Steve Williams, the chief executive of OMD Group, said: "The focus will be on the end, not the means. We've backed this up with market-leading research. Influence isn't just about how we plan and buy a media schedule, and it will work across the analogue and digital worlds."