Omid Djalili hijacks a bank in new ad

LONDON - Omid Djalili has got himself in a spot of bother with the police in the latest ad in's "great deal easier" campaign.

Created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, the spot breaks tonight, and continues on the theme that accuses British people of being too embarrassed to haggle.

The ad sees Djalili hijack the position of a high-street bank cashier in an attempt to prevent a woman from accepting a poor deal.

The Iranian comedian leads the woman out of the bank, urging her to get online for the best deal instead.

However in doing so, Djalili accidentally sets off the bank's security alarm, and finds a whole armed police force waiting for him on the street outside.

Stuck in this sticky situation, Djalili quips: "Now, watch how a true master negotiates".

The ad is the third execution in's "great deal easier" campaign, which has been MCBD's first work for the brand since winning the £17 million business in September last year.