Omnicom launches PHD as second media network

Omnicom is launching PHD on a global scale as a second media network to support OMD.

PHD, which has a presence in the UK, US and Canada, will launch in Europe and Asia during the next six months.

Omnicom will take staff and resources out of the OMD network to form PHD offices in countries where it doesn't exist.

PHD will sit alongside OMD in Omnicom Media Group. David Pattison (pictured) will continue as the chief executive of PHD Worldwide. However, PHD Europe will be run by Colin Gottlieb, the chief executive of OMD Europe, who has been promoted to chief executive, Omnicom Media Group Europe. Hilary Jeffrey, the OMD Europe general manager, becomes the managing director of PHD Europe.

- Perspective, page 8.