Omnicom in talks to buy 180 hotshop

Omnicom has opened talks with 180, with a view to acquiring the Netherlands-based creative hotshop.

Although the companies are discussing a number of different options, the most likely outcome will see 180 positioned as a standalone network within Omnicom.

180 is based in Amsterdam, from where it handles international accounts for clients including Dunlop, Dr Pepper and Adidas. The acquisition would strengthen Omnicom's tenure of the Adidas account, which is split between TBWA\ Worldwide and 180.

A senior source within the Omnicom Group said: "There have been talks about Omnicom taking an ownership position of 180 but there is no final route decided on yet."

Guy Hayward, a partner at 180, denied the agency was in talks and said: "We are looking for opportunities to roll out into other overseas markets but we continue as an independent agency working with TBWA on Adidas."