Omniture integrates data from Twitter social media site

LONDON - Omniture has added a feature to its web analytics product SiteCatalyst that allows online marketers to measure brand activity on the popular microblogging site Twitter.

Omniture customers can now import Twitter data into SiteCatalyst, allowing them to find out who is talking about their brand and who they are we reaching.

Online marketers will also be able to better identify brand advocates and those who are knocking their brand online.

The SiteCatalyst integration with Twitter data allows marketers to take advantage of the SiteCatalyst real-time alert feature, which can be used to send emails and SMS messages to mobile devices based on pre-determined criteria, such as a spike in mentions of brand-related terms.

The integration can also be used to classify Twitter users into marketing segments such as customers, vendors and employees.

Gail Ennis, senior vice president, marketing at Omniture, said: "In the fast evolving Twitter environment, marketers need actionable insight into what people are saying about their brands.

"For example, product managers can specify the specific terms they are interested in and receive reports containing all tweets mentioning their brand and those keywords without having to manually monitor the Twitter service.

"This automation saves marketers time and allows them to receive relevant information as needed."