One-stop agency finder launches

The Haystack Group, Ad-Forum, The Marketing Society, Haymarket's Brand-Republic, ISBA and Media Guardian online have teamed up to launch a one-stop service for agency-seeking clients.

The companies have pooled their respective databases to compile a comprehensive set of agency credentials in a move designed to speed up and simplify the first stage of the pitch process.

The matchmaking service The Haystack Group, which launched two years ago, will handle subscriptions. Subscribers will be able to access the as yet un-named site through the Haystack, AdForum, BrandRepublic, ISBA and Media Guardian websites.

The site will be the largest centralised source of infor-mation available for all marketing disciplines, carrying stories, stills, videos and back-dated information as well as agency credentials.

Suki Thompson, a managing partner at The Haystack Group, said: "It is all about gaining visibility for the agencies and the most efficient and cost-effective route for the client in fulfilling their needs."

Creative showreels will be added to the profiles via the IPA website.

Hugh Burkitt, the chief executive of The Marketing Society, said: "This is a way of extending the service we provide through our Consultancy Register. Our client members now have the potential benefit of a service with a significantly wider remit. At the same time, our consultancy and agency members have an opportunity to be represented in a wider marketplace on an international scale."

Free entry to the database is available to every agency, with upgrades available in three membership stages. At the top level, this includes unlimited access to creative work and the content of the marketing press.

Debbie Morrison, the director of membership services at ISBA, said: "Any agency that did not use it would be missing a trick."