One-word answers with DDB Worldwide CEO Wendy Clark

Answering with one word isn't as easy as it seems.

DDB Worldwide CEO Wendy Clark
DDB Worldwide CEO Wendy Clark

Campaign U.S. caught up with Worldwide CEO Wendy Clark for a quick-fire Q&A about the industry’s opportunities, challenges and trends – and her favorite McDonald’s menu item.  

Clark, recently promoted from DDB North America chief executive to global president and CEO of the Omnicom agency, gave one-word answers (with an exception or two) to each of our questions below.

What’s the biggest opportunity in advertising today? (New sources of) growth.

And the biggest challenge in advertising right now? Mediocrity.

What’s the most annoying buzzword in the industry? Buzzword.

Name the most important quality a leader should possess. Passion.

The future of the marketing and advertising is....? Now.

Tell me the area in which the industry needs to improve the most. Vision.

Which social media platform do you use the most? Instagram.

And since you launched McDonald's bespoke agency We Are Unlimited... Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Fries or Nuggets? E. All of the above.