One-word answers with Mirum CEO Amanda Seaford

Data, talent and the Minority Report.

One-word answers with Mirum CEO Amanda Seaford

Amanda Seaford is Mirum’s first female CEO.

The WPP shop, which dubs itself the "borderless digital agency," was formed in 2015 from the consolidation of J. Walter Thompson’s global departments.

Seaford spend a considerable amount of time at Critical Mass, having joined in 2006. She held numerous titles including director of integration, chief client officer and CMO.

Seaford took on Campaign US’ one-word answers to talk everything purpose and Minority Report.

What's the biggest opportunity for agencies today in adland? Purpose.

Tell us what keeps you up at night. Talent.

What is the top attribute you look for in new talent? Curiosity.

Where do you consume the most content? Mobile.

What is the most important area of tech to invest in today? Data Integration.

Crystal ball time. What will the future of digital marketing look like? Minority Report.

What advice do you have for brand CMOs? Prioritize CX.

And lastly, how would you describe the ethos of Mirum? Adventurous.