One-word answers with Papa John's CMO Brandon Rhoten

Marketing challenges, middle finger emojis and more.

One-word answers with Papa John's CMO Brandon Rhoten

On the same week that it launched new creative, Campaign U.S. caught up with Papa John's CMO Brandon Rhoten about some marketing issues, what he expects from his agencies and, of course, his favorite pizza.

Rhoten took the helm at Papa John’s last May and hired creative agency Laundry Service in the fall. The new spots, one of which is featured below, promotes the brand’s new value meal deal featuring a $12.99 price point.

Before we head into Rhoten’s interview, one thing to note: From here on out, our one-word Q&A’s will appear on Campaign U.S. every Friday with answers from people across all different areas of marketing, creative and media.

Name the biggest challenge for marketers. Assumptions.

How about the most exciting thing about being a marketer right now? Options.

What do you want most from your agency partners? Bravery.

What social platform do you check first when you wake up? Twitter.

Can we expect any more snarky, fun tweets from Papa John's, like the middle finger emoji to neo-Nazis last year? Absolutely.

What's your main goal for Papa John's this year? Evolve.

What will marketing look like in the future? Entertainment.

And of course, we have to ask... pepperoni or plain? Sausage.