One-word answers with VML diversity leader God-is Rivera

Rivera tells Campaign what leaders can do to enhance diversity and inclusion.

VML's God-is Rivera
VML's God-is Rivera

On the same week that Campaign US opened its Inclusive & Creative (I&C) Top 20 for entries, we caught up with VML Director of Inclusion and Cultural Resonance God-is Rivera about some tips for the industry.

Rivera, who took on the newly created role at VML last summer, discussed what quality all leaders should possess, what industry leaders can do to bolster diversity and inclusion and more. Check below to see all of her answers.

What attracted you to the advertising industry? Influence.

Name something industry leaders can do to bolster diversity and inclusion. Listen.

What quality should all leaders possess? Empathy.

When you wake up, what social platform do you check first? Twitter.

What keeps you up at night? Succeeding.

How do you unwind after work? Family.

Fill in the blank. In five years, I want to see ad agencies…. Evolve.

And for fun... If you didn't work in advertising, what industry would you work in? Journalism.