One-word answers with Weight Watchers' Gail Tifford

Brand chief gives insights on agency relationships and marketing hurdles.

One-word answers with Weight Watchers' Gail Tifford

Weight Watchers Chief Brand Officer Gail Tifford has only been with the marketer since February, but she’s been playing a big part in its transformation from a diet-focused program to a healthy lifestyle company.

Earlier this week, Campaign US reported that Weight Watchers hired Anomaly as its global agency partner, following a review.

Tifford, who previously held various senior marketing roles at Unilever, offered her thoughts on what makes for a strong agency-client relationship, what’s the most exciting thing about being a marketer today and more.   

You’re pretty new to Weight Watchers. What excites you most about the brand? Transformation.

What is the key to strong agency- client relationships? Transparency.

Marketing has its challenges. What keeps you up at night? Human-centricity.

What’s your goal for Weight Watchers over the next year? Reappraisal.

Where do you mainly consume news? Twitter.

What’s the most exciting part of being a marketer today? Creativity.

Which do you use the most: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube or Instagram? Instagram.

And for fun... Weight Watchers is a healthy lifestyle brand - what do you think is the most important aspect of leading a healthy life?  Self-care.