Drug dealers and two very different road trips feature in this month's round-up of new talent


Yes, another talented Gondry - the brother of Michel - is making waves with his debut music videos, Noir Desir's 'A l'envers a l'endroit' and Lacquer's 'Behind'.

It wasn't until he joined the special effects company, BUF in 1995, that Gondry number two found his niche, developing elaborate post-production effects which he then applied to older brother Michel's projects.

His work can be seen in Michel's 'Human Nature', and music videos, among them the Chemical Brothers' 'Star Guitar' and Kylie Minogue's 'Come into my world'.

'Behind', features two actors filmed from a backseat as they drive a car from coast to coast across the US.

It is the result of a real-time seven-day trip which was then condensed into four minutes by means of dazzling, enthralling time-lapse photography.

This is somewhat of a revelation because the promo looks like it's been shot in the studio using lavish special effects. Gondry the second is currently signed to Partizan.


Although the dynamic directing partnership of Guy Shelmerdine and Richard Farmer is only a year old, they have already displayed that rare talent of being able to capture both the tragic and comic through their work, no matter how banal the scenario.

Historically, both directors draw on their advertising experience. Former art director and Young Gun of the Year in 2001, Shelmerdine hailed from Cliff Freeman and Partners where he shone as art director on brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. He was also noted for his hilarious work with previous creative partner, Grant Holland, for Mike's Hard Lemonade, Quizno's Subs and Nike/Finish Line.

Farmer escaped from Oklahoma with a degree in computer science, and moved to Europe, where he started working on music videos and short films. His first job in the advertising world was as Agency Producer at Ground Zero.

Happy have recently finished shooting a television campaign for Sony Playstation which involved a two-week road-trip around Britain, casting and shooting the unlikely real characters in their own environments. They have also just completed the hilarious spot for Fray Bentos out of Mother, and some alarming, but powerful PSAs in the US for Youth aids that are currently running on MTV.


New kid on the block and the latest addition to the Great Guns roster, Jeff Vine was a musician in a rock band until he decided to get a 'proper' job.

Once Vine made the decision to break into the film industry, he gained valuable experience working in a camera department as a focus puller on big blockbuster movies such as Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide and GI Jane.

It was "The Scott school of film-making," as he recalls, that inspired him to become a director. Vine's move back to London from the States this year, coincides with the launch of his first short film, An Angel Meets the Devil, inspired by the deaths of his brother and sister, who both died of heroin overdoses.

Vine places the promo in the musical thriller genre. "The idea came from the situation of a girl going out to seek revenge, but I wanted to find a motive for this," he explains.

"Then, last year, my sister died from a heroin overdose, which was what had killed my brother 11 years before. There was my motive and the narrative: that the girl could go and kill a drug dealer."

Filmed in London, the five-minute promo was shot on a Super 16 camera and its powerful directorial style matches the strong anti-drugs content.