From the gaming halls to the dossers of London - it may be local, but the stuff produced by this month's talent has won respect from all over.


When budding directors Cina and Martin made a speculative ad, 'Fruit Machine', for the British Heart Foundation, Cina was thrilled. "I'd done the research by playing fruit machines, but I was rubbish at winning!"

The ad, which mimics a revolving game featuring pints of beer and burgers instead of apples and lemons, was made entirely on location in gaming shops and pubs in London's Bethnal Green, and relied heavily on the winning 'kerching' sound.

"Luckily, Michelle was brilliant, and produced not just the right noises, but also won enough cash to finance the shoot," says Cina, a former creative at McCann-Erikson.

Cina and Martin, both 28, did degrees at Central St Martins and the Royal College respectively, and met a year ago when they both worked on an in-house video for Orange. They hit it off immediately, and decided to team up to direct ads and promos, as well as continuing in their offline editing and graphics careers.

Since directing 'Fruit Machine' with the help of production house Condor, the two have been working on promos for Italian clothing brand Silas and LWT's Adlab. "We're a very hands-on duo, and ideally would direct and edit any projects we work on," says Cina. The pair are seeking representation.


As a 19-year-old Fine Arts undergraduate at Reading University, Greenwood had the great fortune of being sponsored by Stussy to go on a surf trip with a Super 8 camera and unlimited stock. The aim was to direct a world trip promo for Stussy, and the resulting film was used in-store, in cinemas and for promotional release.

After graduation, Greenwood left England again, this time to live in a van in California while shooting promos, concerts and idents for bands, and skateboard and surfing companies.

On his return, he honed his production talents as an assistant sound designer on commercials, then began directing commercials for six months.

Greenwood has just finished his short film, One Previous Owner. It was written by two creatives at Republic, and lit by Nic Knowland.

Refreshing and light-hearted, it is based on the true story of a homeless immigrant who, reluctant to carry on with his present way of life, takes initiative when he awakes to find a bag containing a drill beside him.

Shot in London, it boasts good locations, acting and moments of suspense, accompanied by a fitting sound track. All of this make it a worthy contender at short film festivals around the globe this year.


Watson had already won critical acclaim for her filmmaking talents before she left university, and her graduation film This is a Present found representation with the British Council, and was subsequently screened at film festivals across Europe.

After completing a Masters in experimental film, video and sound, Watson worked as an editor for four years, cutting films like Chris Cooke's Map of the Scars, and Shifting Units for the New BFI Directors. She also worked for a theatre company editing live art pieces and installations, which have been shown at the ICA and worldwide.

Other credentials include working as a film tutor and creating a pop video for the band Imonster with only a £400 budget.

When Watson showed the video to a record company, they were so impressed that they decided to turn it into a full-scale music video. It went on to be nominated for video of the year, in Q magazine and was video of the week on the London-based radio station, XFM.

Her comic animation of The Graduate, where clever moulds take on the characteristics of the 1969 feature film, stands out for its brilliant craft and witty interpretation of music track, 'Astral Gravy', which is performed by Medicine.

Watson joined Independent in May 2002 and is currently working on a short film for Film Four as part of their digital film season.