Onken offers Londoners a taste of happiness

Yoghurt brand is staging sensory-themed experience.

Onken: working with The & Partnership's Muster
Onken: working with The & Partnership's Muster

Yoghurt brand Onken is hosting a one-day pop-up that aims to bring the concept of happiness and affection to life.

"The haus of inner happiness" will trigger various senses such as sight, smell and taste, with guests entering the experience via a colour-filled tunnel, leading to a space decked out in yellow to mirror the feeling of being bathed in sunshine.

Guests can try out the "fruity swing set" in a strawberry field, put their sense of smell to the test at an aroma station and tickle their taste buds by trying out some of Onken’s flavoured yoghurts.

The experience is part of Onken’s current "Feed your inner happiness" campaign, running across TV and social media. An ad, created by AllTogetherNow, shows a man eating Onken yoghurt who becomes pleasantly surprised when his cat speaks, telling him how much he appreciates his owner’s affection. Other displays of affection are playing out across Instagram Stories and Facebook.

The pop-up is taking place on 18 July in London's Covent Garden and has been devised by Muster, The & Partnership’s event agency.