Orange brand film from 1999 predicted Hillary Clinton presidential bid

A film created for Orange in the last millennium made a series of bold - and prescient - calls about the direction that politics and technology would take in the future.

Created by The Bank, the film for the mobile network – then a UK company floated on the London Stock Exchange – portrays a future in which mobile and communications technology has started to seep into every aspect of our lives. 

It correctly predicted that Hillary Clinton – at the time, the First Lady to President Bill Clinton – would launch a bid to become America's first female President. But it was rather too ambitious with its timescale, assuming that Clinton would enter the race for the 2004 election. 

In reality, her first Presidential bid was in 2008, when she was narrowly beaten by Barack Obama to be the Democratic candidate. Clinton then had to wait another eight years before trying again.

After another fraught primary campaign, she beat her main rival for the candidacy, Bernie Sanders. Today, Clinton faces her moment of truth as the US electorate go to the polls to choose between her and the other main contender, Republican Donald Trump. 

In late 1999, Orange was acquired by France Télécom, and the brand was rolled out across all of its international mobile networks. In the UK, it later formed a joint venture with T-Mobile, which was renamed Everything Everywhere (then EE). EE was acquired by BT this year.