Orange 'gold spot - Val Kilmer' by Mother London

Orange's latest "gold spot" cinema ad stars Hollywood actor Val Kilmer, best known for playing Ice in 'Top Gun'.

In 65-second spot, created by Mother London, Kilmer sends up his reputation as a difficult actor to work with.

The campaign, which once again features the fictitious Orange Film Board's oily and smug Mr Dresden and his sidekick Burnley, shows the pair forcing Kilmer to reluctantly agree to script changes.

The fictional movie, which is set in the Wild West, is updated to include a mobile phone as part of a crude attempt to insert a plug for Orange into the film's script.

The last Orange cinema ad, which rolled out in May, starred 'American Beauty' actress Mena Suvari.

Prior to this, Reservoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen appeared in a "gold spot" ad in February.