Orange invests in iTV with Weapon7 appointment

Orange has appointed Weapon7 - which has just been bought by Omnicom in a £10 million deal - to handle its interactive television account.

Weapon7 will be integrated into the strategic development process for Orange's advertising campaigns. It will be briefed to develop interactive television campaigns across digital satellite, digital terrestrial and the emerging platforms of digital cable and internet protocol television.

Orange uses agencies including Fallon and Mother for its UK advertising. It has worked with Weapon7 in the past to create interactive TV campaigns, including the launch of 3G services in 2005, but this is the first time Orange has retained an agency for the purpose.

Rachel MacBeth, the head of advertising and design at Orange, said: "Weapon7 demonstrated an unrivalled breadth of experience and insight into ways in which we can use interactive television advertising to make our communications more effective."