Orange 'orange rockcorps' by Publicis Conseil

Orange and Publicis Conseil have merged music and charity In a bid to get young adults more involved with the Orange Rockcorps.

Individuals are given the opportunity to receive a ticket to a unique concert in France in exchange for donating four hours of their time to a partner charitable association of Orange Rockcorps.

The 10’’ teaser films on TV and the 20’’ and 45’’ formats on the Web ( dedicated site and sharing sites) and mobile platforms, produced by Vincent Lobelle, transfer us to the heart of a "tribe" of young people, dancing and carrying out volunteer work at the same time.

In addition to the "Hip-Hop", "Electro" and "Gothic" films, Orange has agreed brand new digital partnerships with two of the most popular viral sites among young people: YouTube and Dailymotion.

Via these sites, users can customise films to personally connect with friends and encourage them to sign up.

Video 1: hip-hop

Video 2: electro

Video 3: gothic