Oreo makes contact with aliens with Earth's favorite cookie

The spot, created by The Community, extends a peace offering to extraterrestrials.

As Congress awaits an unclassified report on UFO sightings from U.S. intelligence agencies, Oreo is preparing for alien contact with Earth’s favorite cookie.

Oreo asked fans on Twitter for the best cookie and milk combo for its #OREOOffering to hungry aliens. The winners? Double Stuf and whole milk, of course. The Mondelez cookie brand also carved a crop circle of the Oreo logo along "The Paranormal Highway" in Kansas for aliens to identify and pick up their Earth treats. In the spot, two Oreo alien hunters stake out the circle and learn the cookies have been accepted. 

Oreo completed the campaign with limited-edition packaging, which included a black background and blue design for fans to place a cookie as an offer to extraterrestrials. "Bringing all lifeforms together," the packaging reads.



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