Osbourne kids transformed in Pepsi Super Bowl ad

NEW YORK - Pepsi will transform Jack and Kelly Osbourne, famous as the stars of 'The Osbournes' and for their fruity language, into Donny and Marie Osmond, well known for their wholesome Mormon lifestyles.

The spot will be shown during next weekend's Super Bowl. It follows a series of ads for Pepsi Twist where miraculous transformations take place. In the ad, Jack and Kelly's father Ozzy dreams that his bickering offspring have become the toothsome Osmond siblings.

Dave Burwick, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for Pepsi North America, said: "Advertising on the Super Bowl gets us immediate widespread awareness of our new commercials.

"Sierra Mist joins our line-up this year -- now that it's in national distribution, it's time to showcase the brand on a huge media stage like the Super Bowl."

Advertising space during Super Bowl Sunday is among the most expensive in the world, with advertisers keen to showcase their brands. Other ads booked to appear include a spot with country and western star Willie Nelson making the most of his tax problems in an ad for accounting firm H&R Block.

Pepsi retains BBDO New York for its advertising. Last year, its Super Bowl spot, starring Britney Spears, made history for being the most expensive ad made to date.

Last year, it was a sign of the advertising recession that spots during the Super Bowl sold sluggishly and at lower rates than in previous years, where start-up dotcoms with huge marketing budgets pushed up prices for slots.

Super Bowl XXXVII takes place on January 26 in San Diego.

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