Outdoor: Regional hotspots

Isabella Piasecka goes in search of some of the most eye-catching ad sites around the UK.


Owner: Eye Corp

Lowdown: This back-lit 48-sheet, currently booked by PricewaterhouseCoopers, targets passengers on the main entrance road into the largest airport in Northern Ireland, which handles more than five million passengers a year. Belfast International has a particularly high percentage of ABC1 passengers: 74 per cent compared with a UK population average of 55 per cent.


Owner: Titan Outdoor

Lowdown: Titan's giant LED screen in the heart of Manchester's biggest shopping centre is the world's largest indoor screen with sound. The 4.5m x 6m £500,000 Mitsubishi screen, located in the food court, can be seen from numerous floors. The catchment area for the centre is larger and more populous than any other regional shopping centre in Britain, incorporating 5.3 million people within a 45-minute drive.


Owner: Primesight

Lowdown: Situated in the heart of Cardiff's commercial district, this back-lit 48-sheet faces three lanes of traffic, in excellent viewing distance of stationary cars at the nearby traffic lights. The standout panel, close to the head offices of several large corporations, including ING Direct, has fortnightly impacts of almost 464,000.


Owner: JCDecaux

Lowdown: Since 2002, Southampton Airport has seen its passer-by audience swell by 145 per cent - the highest rate of passenger number growth of any BAA airport. JCDecaux is capitalising on this growth with a new welcome site, using sleek lines and a headsail panel near the main advertising section to reflect the city's nautical history. Southampton will play host to the sailing events for the London 2012 Olympics.


Owner: JCDecaux

Lowdown: A year after winning the Glasgow City Council billboard contract, JCDecaux installed this iconic site opposite the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies. Dubbed as The Sail, it frames two Premiere 450 displays, and was designed to echo the mast and sails of a ship. It has already been used by major brands including Lucozade, Citroen, Carling and Marks & Spencer.


Owner: Streetbroadcast

Lowdown: One of the main entrances to Europe's largest shopping and leisure centre is flanked by this digital StreetLive six-sheet. The elevated screen broadcasts static and moving images and can rotate through 360 degrees, displaying ads with high-definition video quality. The centre has a fortnightly footfall of 884,000 and 21.2 million shoppers annually.


Owner: Clear Channel Outdoor

Lowdown: With monthly impacts of more than two million (according to the Department for Transport and Postar), Clear Channel's Millennium Arches are a local landmark. Overlooking the A38, the 12m x 3m site covers the key arterial route into Birmingham city centre as well as the main link to the M5 and M6 motorways. Previous advertisers include O2, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Budweiser and Sky.